Case Study

The GEA case study highlights how we used influencers to help spread awareness of National Day

GEA: National Day Campaign

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The General Entertainment Authority planned plenty of events in every region in the kingdom for the National Day, but before launching they had to tackle the negative publicity around the GEA as some people did not like the initial events. The negativity was due to several hashtags and the best time to navigate the negativity is by celebrating the national day.

GEA needed to spread awareness about National Day 2017 events across social media, have event coverage online and encourage people to attend to celebrate Saudi as one nation together. 

Content creation was needed that encourages the audience to participate in National Day events to bring positivity for GEA and talk about the role of the GEA in the activities of the National Day celebration.


Ches Tag set to find the best strategy to revamp the GEA positioning online. After careful planning it was decided to use regional influencers spread throughout the Kingdom to create positive vibes for the GEA online and highlight the national day events. 

Chess Tag established and developed a strategy and then applied it in line with GEA campaign objectives. A comprehensive content plan was created in addition to the content that is supposed to be published in social media for both to be published by influencers. The number of influencers and social communication accounts used was about 100+ in the National day events campaign . The accounts and influencers included major  accounts and localised ones with targets centered around certain areas in the kingdom .We contacted influencers to disseminate the required messages across different platforms(Twitter, Instagram Snapchat to post introducing the events and creating positive vibes. Also, ensured everything was implemented according to plan in an orderly accurate manor. The hashtag #خلها_بالأخضر was used in the messaging to measure the influence of the campaign and the vibes it generated.


Chess Tag managed  with the influential  campaign with more than 100 influencers across KSA with who posted about the national day events on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to revamp the online GEA positioning positively within the community.  Plenty of attention was given to the events and people were aware of the different celebrations. The national day events were well attended and Saudi celebrated its National Day as one nation across its different regions. People were excited to attend the events after the influencers created the positive buzz which was carried on by the influencer followers. Plenty of people from all ages and walks of life attended the events and had a good time.

The hashtag  #خلها_بالأخضر was used in 151.7 K tweets, generated 3.6 billion impressions which is a sentiment to the success of the campaign.