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Digital Ads and Influencer Collaboration with GEA

GEA- Winter Campaign

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The General Entertainment Authority planned to launch a campaign for the mid-year school holidays under the theme “Don’t think of traveling,” . The events were planned to take place across Saudi and themed as Winter Festivals. GEA needed to let people know that now they can enjoy international and local events at home to encourage them to attend and enjoy the variety of events at their doorstep.

GEA needed to spread awareness about Winter events across social media, have event coverage online and encourage people to attend. In addition, it further build on developing a positive image among the public.


Chess Tag set to find the best strategy to introduce the vast number of events in the different regions of the Kingdom. After careful planning, it was decided to use regional influencers spread throughout the Kingdom and heavy online advertisement to create knowledge of the events and let people know where they can find the details for each event.

Chess Tag established and developed a strategy for the general GEA Winter Festival and for each event and then applied it in line with GEA campaign objectives. A comprehensive content plan was created in addition to the content that is supposed to be published in social media for both to be published on social media platforms and by influencers. The number of influencers and social communication accounts used was about 30 plus for all the events across the Kingdom. We contacted influencers to disseminate the required messages across different platforms(Twitter, Instagram Snapchat to post introducing the events and creating positive vibes. Also, ensured everything was implemented according to plan in an orderly accurate manor.

Also, Chess Tag conducted vast online Ad campaigns across several digital platforms Instagram , Facebook and Snapchat. Banners were used across several websites and digital ads. The campaign was a full proof plan so people can learn about the Winter Festival from various platforms and the consistent message encouraged them to attend one of the various events. Each of the events had its own digital campaign with a detailed content plan, advertisement, and management developed by Chess Tag in order to target the proper audience. The ads were for different objectives from leading people to the GEA website and to the event pages, to video views showcasing the events, reach to let people know about the GEA events and engagement.


Chess Tag managed with several Ad campaigns  and influential campaigns to inform people extensively about the role of GEA and all the events they planned for the Winter festival and individually of each event. Plenty of attention was given to encouraging people to visit the official GEA website to check and keep track of all the events conducted by GEA. Further, the individual targeting for each campaign ensured that the event was well advertised and sold out.  The public becomes aware of the events and that’s evident by the heavy attendance People got excited about the variety of events they can attend across the Kingdom. The campaign also built on the positive buzz received from the National campaign carried out in September to shift the perception of GEA positively.


Impressions Reach Clicks Engagement Video Views Swipe Up
109582441 64403174 477779 5371 2856674 281200