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Integrated marketing helped us increase brand recall and reach a specific target market.

Mobil1: #ChangeOil Campaign

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Our client, Mobil1, must consistently work to differentiate itself from a sea of competitors in Saudi Arabia.  They have a great product, and a superior marketing strategy, but the market is flooded with messages from other oil brands too.

That’s why they came to us when they needed to focus on a youth target market in KSA.  We collaborated to create a campaign that took advantage of their Football sponsorship during the Super Cup 2015 between Alhilal & Alnasser teams in London.


Our challenge was to reach the maximum number of viewers from the target market in the least time possible- with the greatest product recall afterward.  Targeting youth also posed a challenge because they are used to tuning out messaging that is not customized directly to them. We had to make the task for entry as simple as possible while giving the chance for the best reward.  We also knew it was important to create a task that would require many touch points in this short time period.


We held a contest requiring viewers to take a photo of the Mobil 1 logo on the big screen and post it to social media. Since the Mobil 1 logo had to be visible on the screen, the viewers would constantly be on the lookout for the logo during the game, increasing logo recall at a later date.

In order to give viewers the greatest motivation to participate, we used a simple but effective end prize- a new car.  This ensured that viewers thought it was “worth it” to be on the constant lookout for the logo during the game.

We used only organic Twitter posts to promote the contest 3 days ahead of the game.  Then, during the 90 minute game, the logo and hashtag #غير_الزيت were intermittently displayed on the screen and captured by TV camera crews for the international audience.  Viewers rushed to snap a photo on their phone and Tweet it using the hashtag #غير_الزيت  Posting the photo entered the viewer into the contest.  After the game, a participant was chosen at random to win the car.


This organic Twitter campaign convinced 783 contestants to post a photo of the Mobil 1 logo on Twitter.  Incredibly, this reached 756,500 people with an astonishing 1.5 million timeline deliveries.

The immeasurable result of the campaign was the target audience who was constantly thinking about and looking for the Mobil 1 logo during this 90 minute period.

Submissions continued to pour in over the next 24 hours, but due to the contest rules, only submissions during the 90 minute period were counted in results and reports.  For this reason, our total reach was even higher than our reports show.

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