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Awards were received for the social media campaign we managed

Najm- Blood Donation Campaign

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After accompanying the company officials to the hospitals and knowing the urgent need to donate blood, we suggested that a blood donation campaign be made with a promotional return and the campaign was launched in a wide echo and there were a large number of donors during a period of approximately 70 days which helped a number of patients and achieved a greater happiness with diligence in This noble humane act. ChessTag started with publishing a video about the campaign and scheduled Twitter ads.


  • Increase awareness on the importance on blood donation
  • Reach to 15,000 donors
  • Reach 10,000, Najm to donate a car to Disabled Children Organizations
  • Reach 15,000 to draw a car to one of the donors
  • Increase brand loyalty on social media


We started to communicate with influencers, they were happy and very eager to participate with us on the campaign to the point some have reached out to us and were excited to come on board. We contacted the enrolled medical health providers to provide us with the statistics.

Our campaign resulted in many impressions, lots of engagement, and many people donating blood.