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We created videos to help increase awareness of safe driving practices in the kingdom.

Najm: National Campaign

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Najm for Insurance Services Company has been delivering innovative and superior services to people involved in accidents and vehicle insurance companies. We can attend and handle an accident and the related procedures according to its specific requirements. We specialize in the preparation and submission of accident related documents and other services. In difficult situations, we’ll always make sure you get the best attention, care, and expertise every step of the way.


Najm wanted to raise awareness about the dangers of driving unsafely to increase knowledge about safe driving that will eventually decrease the rate of accidents in the Kingdom in preparation to women starting to drive.  In the process Najm wanted to increase the number of their followers, engagement and overall social media presence on Social media.


Njam working with one of their agencies created 3 videos to spread the awareness. Chess Tag worked on spreading the awareness on digital channels. Chess Tag created, designed motion videos and pictures along with written copy for the different campaign phases. Furthermore Chess Tag took on spreading the content on different platforms so people get exposed to the campaign in different places  in order for it to stick in their minds permanently. They conducted paid media ads across several platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Snapchat), used influencers to spread the message by tweeting, retweeting and so on. All the visual contend developed with Chess Tag was checked to ensure it is in line with najms identity and guideline. We also covered live reporting on najm’s mall activation which included the use of a simulator for women drivers in preparation for the official launch of them getting on the streets of the kingdom.


The campaign cemented the presence of najm across the different platforms. The message of safe driving was well received and viewed by plenty of people. News outlets talked about the campaign and it was shared by influencers. It generated plenty top engagement, followers and views for Najm across the several Platforms.