Case Study

نشرنا رسالة القيادة الآمنة والوعي لشركة نجم من خلال حملة رقمية

Najm- Dangers of Driving Unsafely Campaign

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Najm is a national auto insurance company that we’ve worked with on multiple projects, including customer service software implementation and digital campaigns. They strive to educate the public about safe driving practices.


Najm wanted a campaign that would increase awareness about several safe driving issues:

  1. The dangers of using a mobile phone while driving;
  2. The importance of utilizing a child safety seat; and
  3. The dangers of excessive speeding and reckless driving.

They also wanted to reach viewers in a way that would strengthen their brand image and increase brand loyalty across social channels.


To encourage virality and user content, we created the hashtag #لطرق-اكثر-سلامة. We crafted message for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to help spread the message in a localized and platform-specific way.

Social Media Post for Najm



Our campaign for Najm brought great results for their objectives. Millions of impressions and lots of engagement ensured that their message was retained by drivers across the Kingdom.

Our digital campaign brought great results for Najm