Case Study

Customer Service with ZenDesk for Najm

Najm- ZenDesk Customer Service

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Najm is one of the most well-known insurance companies in Saudi Arabia. They are always looking for ways to better connect with their customers and increase their customer experience through different online and offline channels.



Najm had many different ways for customers to contact them with issues. When a customer reached out on social media, there were several barriers to getting the customer an accurate, efficient answer. Their social media accounts were handled by a community manager, who in turn had to hand off questions to customer service. This long process resulted in complaints taking 4-5 days to get resolved. The second issue was password management- it wasn’t safe to hand off the social media passwords to multiple customer service agents.

Chess Tag was brought in to streamline the customer service workflow so that customers would get an answer quickly.



We researched software options for solving Najm’s problems. The best fit was ZenDesk; it checked all the boxes.

We implemented the software, adding common questions and answers, managing users, integration with Twitter, and defining the proper workflow for the customer service team. Agents could answer most questions, but could pass them off to a manager if it was more difficult to answer.

Once the software was set up, we trained managers and agents to use the software.



Instead of 4-5 days to get an answer, Najm customers can expect their answer in a few minutes to an hour. That’s a huge difference in the way customers perceive the company! They have a customer service team working around the clock to help customers, and can easily answer common questions with a few clicks.


Infographic showing ZenDesk Case Study for Najm