Case Study

Implementing an emergency plan after a crisis helped Red Sea Mall retain their brand image

Red Sea Mall: Crisis Management

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In April 2013, Red Sea Mall caught fire while crowded with families and kids. As managers of the Red Sea Mall social media presence, it was up to us to put our crisis management plan into action.


We needed to publicize the news of the fire to ensure the safety of visitors, while keeping rumors and hoaxes minimized. Once the immediate danger had settled, it was up to us to retain the brand image of the mall as a safe place to be.


Posts were sent from every social media channel with immediate news of the fire. From there, hour by hour news coverage was activated as government agencies acted.

To repay the inconvenience caused to families, we distributed coupons with an announcement over social media. This simple gesture solidified Red Sea Mall’s brand excellence and concern for its guests.


Red Sea Mall maintained its image as a trustworthy and safe place to take your family. Since visitors heard the news from the mall first, it further ingrained the fact that it is an honest brand with its visitors’ best interests at heart. The quick reporting came with a boost of 1000 new followers and 600 retweets while the coupon gained 3000 impressions. Now that’s crisis management at its best.