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Creating content and meeting with store owners helped propel Red Sea Mall's social media to the top.

Red Sea Mall: Social Media Management

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Red Sea Mall has been our client since 2012.  During that time, we’ve managed their social media, helping to grow their brand, increase sales for their tenants, and we’ve even helped in an emergency.


We began our work with Red Sea Mall with the need for a social media strategy, community management, event promotion, and a way to focus on each tenant.  With over 350 mall tenants, there was no communication plan in place to help them with advertising or promotions.


First, we redeveloped their website.  Modules were added to showcase sales and events.  A tenant reference page was added.  And we included images and videos to show how much fun it was to shop at Red Sea Mall.

A social media calendar was created so that each tenant could have their chance to shine. The calendar became the cornerstone for all of our social media activities. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels blasted helpful information, sales and brand spotlights to fans.  We used data and analytics to optimize posting times and types.

We placed a dedicated Chess Tag team member on site to specialize in photography and tenant communications.  The team member got to know each tenant to better assist in promoting their brands.

Along with social media management, we launched 7 campaigns.  Examples include contests to support mall events, awareness around charity work, and even a Snapchat filter contest.  Brand managers also listened and monitored the social media channels to make sure problems were taken care of and to engage with fans.


When a fire broke out at the mall in 2013, Chess Tag sprang into action by using social media outlets to immediately alert customers.  Hour-by-hour news coverage was released, helping to quell rumors and hoaxes.  Mall visitors were kept safe and public trust in the mall was retained.


Results enjoys over 4 million website hits monthly.  Tenants are delighted to have another way to reach their customers through monthly promotional content and photography.  We worked hard to create a strong connection with the tenants, with intriguing daily posts being a result of this communication.

The Red Sea Mall brand boasts a great online community where customers can count on receiving helpful information at every turn. Here are the numbers to back up this claim:

  • Over 400,000 Facebook Fans
  • Over 50,000 Twitter Followers
  • Over 50,000 Instagram Followers
  • 15 Million mall visitors per year

Our work with Red Sea Mall has also led to 5 prestigious awards in just 3 years.


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