The Value of A/B Testing Call To Action Buttons

CTA Call to Action Buttons are for clicking!

The CTA box is the button that prompts your customer to make decisions on your website. The controversy and nuance these buttons inspire is so complicated, that there’s an annual conference dedicated to call-to-action buttons! Before we dig deeper, the CTA (or Call To Action) button alerts website users that there is an action they […]

The Benefits of a Customer Email List

We always see that there are trending ads and despite the number of views and talk about them, the owner of the ad does not get any benefit from this ad. The most important factor for the long-term success of your campaigns is that you know who your customer was at the time of the […]

15 Essential Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies

Any good digital marketing agency has great tools in its arsenal to multiply employe productivity. Here’s a list to help out other businesses in the MENA region who are looking for the best tools, suited for our area.