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Chess Tag crafts world-class creative content from our offices in Jeddah and Riyadh. We provide:

Our content is specially crafted to meet the needs of your business and to cater to your business’ audience. We are aware that Content is King on the internet, and that the quality of the content we produce will directly affect your business. To thrive in the modern age, a business needs to create content – but how and what kind of content to create is different for every business.

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"

Creative ContentStrategy

Make a plan for your writing, images, and video creative content

The most important aspect of creative content is having a solid strategy to guide the process. At ChessTag, we work diligently to ensure that we are creating the content best suited to grow your business. Content is how you connect with your audience, but it has to be a part of your overall marketing strategy too. We work alongside you to fill in the pieces of the puzzle that are missing or could use improvement. But it all starts with a plan.

The first step towards creating high engagement content for your business is target market research. You must know who will be consuming your content and what their lifestyle and expectations are. Without this crucial first step, your message may miss the mark completely.

The next step is a content plan. It outlines your message, your objectives, content types, publishing platforms, publishing guidelines, topics, and timeline. Additionally, we make sure the content meets its goals within the marketing funnel. 

We will also look for areas where your current content can be improved. By analyzing data from social media platforms, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and other reporting software, we gain insights into how your content is currently being used. This can provide valuable insight into how your audience reacts, which will allow us to optimize your content.

One example of how our strategies work is by discussing marketing funnels. By doing a deep dive into the buying habits of your customers, we determine what they need at each stage of the marketing funnel- awareness, education, consideration, purchase, and post-purchase. From there, we can plan content to meet their needs every step of the way.

With our deep knowledge of SEO and Content Marketing, along with the information you provide about your business, your content plan will be created.

Creative Contentfor Search Engine Optimization

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"
Capture your audience when they're searching for you with content SEO

One of the primary reasons to create content on the internet is for search engine optimization (or SEO). Search engine optimization is a process that allows your website to better communicate with popular search engines, letting those search engines determine more easily what your website is about. Proper SEO will allow your website to be indexed more quickly and be higher placed on relevant search results.

Written content is very important for search engine optimization, as text is the primary method through which a search engine indexes a website. By planning out content, as well as the keywords that will be used in that content, we can increase the ranking of your website in many relevant search results. This will drive more traffic to your website, and then to your business.

Visual content can serve your SEO in a few different ways. First, if the meta tags have been created properly, it will help search engines index your site. Secondly, they make your written content more enjoyable. Who doesn’t like to look at photos, infographics, or other visual examples? Third, it makes your content more shareable. If you helped visitors or entertained them, they’re way more likely to post it on social or share with a friend.

Another way content helps your SEO is by attracting and retaining your audience. Search engines can determine how long a user stays on your website. If they’re gobbling up content and staying for minutes instead of bouncing, this sends a message that you have what search engine users want for that keyword. Google rewards you for this. That’s why keeping people reading is so important!

 Our article content is designed to show the most people possible that your website is there, and then to show them how great your business is. Our content will take your customers through every step of the marketing funnel. The use of keywords serves as informing, while the content itself serves as education.Our strategy can include content that it will nurture your audience right through the buying and maintenance stages as well.

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"

Creative Contentfor Social Media

Another reason to create content is to reach your audience on social media. Being active on social media allows you to create a connection with your customers that will make them more likely to remember you and keep buying from you. Depending on your audience, your content might serve to educate them, to make them laugh, or to show them that you’re local and friendly. Our initial strategy laid out these objectives, but now it’s time to put them into practice.

Our content writers and designers carefully create your posts to appeal to the platform’s audience while working towards your objectives. You may want to drive website traffic, encourage immediate purchase, or get leads. Adjusting your visual content for each platform is important too. Infographics and explainer videos are often very popular on social media due to their visual element.

The most important aspect of creating content for social media is engagement. We create content in a way that will make your audience want to like, comment, and maintain an interest in your business. Creating that connection is what we do best.

In addition to creating content for social media, we also maintain and curate user-generated content (UGC). This can relieve your business of some of the burden of creating content, while also demonstrating how much your customer’s love you. Social proof is the currency through which businesses thrive online. Most people trust other users more than they trust your brand. Amplify the voices of your past customers to make a heavy impact on future buyers.

You’re looking for an agency who can connect you with your audience, and do it in an authentic way. By localizing all your content, your message will speak directly to your audience. Content is king, and we are happy to build your kingdom.