Digital Production

Whether you’re using digital production by itself, or as part of integrated marketing campaigns, video is essential. Digital Marketing is constantly changing, but these changes bring new ways to engage with your customers in Jeddah, Riyadh, and beyond. Videos aren’t just a way to stand out anymore, they’re the only way to stand a chance against your competition.

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"

Video ProductionAnd the Science Behind It

Video production helps your audience understand your brand at a deep level if done correctly

Content marketing is a basic part of inbound marketing. When you measure video against every other type of content, it outperforms every time because of how easy it is to consume. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Video production allows your message to be consumed quicker and more effectively. 

Our minds are used to processing everything visually- 90% of information enters the brain through the eyes. As humans, we’re pretty fast at turning written text into thoughts. But we do it so much faster with images! By using scientific facts to help you with your marketing strategy, Chess Tag puts science on your side.

The internet is a crowded place that moves quickly. As marketers, our job is to gain attention and deliver a message in this fast-paced world. It requires a good strategy and innovative ideas. The content we produce must be simple, engaging, and motivating, but most importantly- drive the user to take action.

Digital video production can drive conversion, boost sales, and increase brand loyalty. Social platforms are allowing (and even encouraging) longer videos, and users are expecting them. Instagram just increased video streaming to one minute, from the previous limit of 15 seconds. Twitter doesn’t count your video link against your character limit. Google also rewards video content by putting video results on the first page. Whether animated or filmed, a video has a 53% higher chance of landing your page on the page one of SERP results than a page with text only.

The Benefits Of Video Ads

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"
Video ads are more engaging and usually better performing with the right digital production team

Serving up compelling videos also reduces bounce rate and encourages the completion of a call-to-action completion. Let’s take a look at the example of a standard banner ad versus a video ad. The standard ad is limited to the amount of information it can display- usually brand name, tagline, and quick sentence or call-to-action. This message has to be quick and compelling to get the user to click through to the landing page. Comparatively, video can serve up several lines of audio, telling a story within seconds. This makes users more likely to get emotionally involved and engage with the ad. The video completion rate for these ads is 70%, meaning that almost ¾ of viewers watch the entire thing!

As marketers, we have to take the path of least resistance to get our audience to take action. Whether this is at the top of the funnel to gain awareness, or the bottom of the funnel to make a purchase, video helps us hit our objectives faster.

Okay, so we know that video works great for engaging our target audience, but guess what? It also helps boost brand exposure. For example, by serving a 15 second pre roll ad on a YouTube video, you can drive more views from potential customers outside of your target market, bringing in a whole new sub-audience.

Since videos are available 24/7 you’re helping to automate your sales process. There’s less of a need for someone to answer a phone when you can create videos that address frequently asked questions, or give information that moves people down the sales funnel. By providing worldwide access to your materials, your customer can see the value you provide around the clock. 

We have to say this too- while video production captures users’ attention and increases ROI, videos that aren’t well produced can have negative effects for your brand. Make sure your videos are created by the best content marketers in the industry- Chess Tag.

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"

How Chess Tag Can Help WithVideo Production

Delight your website visitors and social media fans with video that educates, nurtures, and brings awareness

At Chess Tag, we specialize in digital marketing by understanding the basics and adapting as technology and platforms evolve. We continually offer new approaches and innovative ideas that increase brand awareness, boost conversions, and increase your ROI. We have invested in a top-notch video production team, along with state-of-the-art video production tools to help execute your brand’s creative vision. We provide our clients with services that most effectively tell their stories.

We’re committed to creating amazing campaigns that help brands thrive. By putting our industry knowledge to work for you, we create innovative campaigns that exceed expectations. As Saudi Arabia’s leading digital marketing agency, we look forward to collaborating to bring your ideas to life.