Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep the attention of your audience over time. Collecting emails is the gold standard of customer information. It means they trust you enough to let you into their inbox. Make them glad they signed up by providing value and making them excited to hear from you. Businesses all over Jeddah, Riyadh, and elsewhere in Saudi Arabia are seeing success from email campaigns and blasts.

You can share just about anything in an email campaign- here are a few ideas:

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"

Email Marketingfor Lead Nurturing

Help your business leads through your marketing pipeline with an email drip campaign

Stay top-of-mind with potential customers who aren’t ready to convert

Perhaps you have a long sales cycle, a high-priced product, or an innovative product that many people aren’t familiar with. In these cases, your customer requires nurturing before they make their purchase. Email is a great way to do this, and once it’s set up, it can run automatically. By addressing questions, talking about the benefits, and providing social proof through a series of emails, you’ll be educating your leads and pushing them toward the buying stage.

Email Campaignsfor Audience Building

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"
Gain the trust of your audience with email campaigns that bring them value

Bring value to your audience to increase trust

If you’re not interested in an immediate sale, but instead want to build your audience for future launches, you can still use email marketing campaigns. Give hints and tips to help them succeed in their own goals. Link to your most recent YouTube video and ask for likes and subscribes. Your email will be a welcome addition to their inbox and they’ll look forward to it every week because it brings value.

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"

Email Marketingfor Post-Purchase Education

Guide new users through the first steps of using your product

Email campaigns also work great for post-purchase education. Software like project management or products with a high learning curve are great for this. After purchase (or during their free trial period) send daily emails with suggestions on how to set it up for their use case. Walk them through each step of the setup process to by the end of the week, they’ll be confident that the product works for them. What a great way to reduce churn! And the best part is that it just takes setting up the campaign once, providing value for years.

Email Marketingfor Returning Customers

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"
Increase lifetime value of your customers by emailing them with new products and services

Keep buyers updated on new and sale items

Once you have happy buyers, keep them coming back for more. OutboundEngine states that it can cost 5 times more to get a new customer than to get more business from an existing customer. Send new products, ways to use their current product, or special deals and discounts they’d be interested in. Encourage them to share the email or post on social media. Take advantage of the social proof. 

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"

Email Campaignsfor Post- Purchase Satisfaction

Email campaigns can ensure your customers are happy with your business

Request Feedback or Reviews

Even if you have a service business that’s not heavily reliant on internet use, email marketing can work for you too! A car mechanic can send a follow-up email after service to make sure the customer was happy with their work. They can also send a link for the customer to give a review to help their business show up better in maps and search engines. Customer service is one of the top reasons customers are loyal to a brand, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting it right.

The Stepsof Email Marketing

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"
ChessTag implements your email marketing campaign in a step-by-step process

Obtaining Emails

The first piece of the puzzle is collecting emails. You can do this in person, through a lead magnet, or with an online sale. Don’t purchase lists online- they have no real interest in your product and can ruin your marketing. It can be against the law, prohibited by your email marketing service, and at the very least will get your emails going straight to the spam folder. You want to keep your email deliverability pristine!

Set up a sign-up list at your counter, create an email generation campaign, or use a signup form on your website. You may collect less emails, but they’ll be excited about what you’re offering and more likely to convert later

Managing Emails

An often overlooked part of email campaigns is managing the emails. Customer information must be in the right format. It’s also important to segment and organize your list so each person is getting the email that is meant for them. After email blasts, it’s also important to clean your list so that your email deliverability stays high. You can do email marketing on your own, but it’s these behind the scenes tasks that we take care of at Chess Tag. You may not notice an immediate difference, but if you do it yourself, you’ll be disappointed in 6 months when every one of your emails goes to spam. Let us help you protect your domain.

Email Marketing Content Creation

After you’ve decided the topic of your emails, it’s important that the content speaks directly to your audience. The wording should be consistent with your brand and the images should too. Our expert content writers make sure your text is localized, while our photographers and designers create visual content that matches your style. Having cohesive emails speaks volumes about your brand.

A/B Testing

If you’re sending email viewers to a landing page as part of your campaign, it’s important to optimize it over time. That’s why we do A/B testing– constantly comparing different elements of the page until we have optimal design and copy that gets the most possible conversions. We can also A/B test emails to see what resonates with your audience the most.

Email Marketing Reporting

At Chess Tag, we’re all about the data and science behind our campaigns. That’s why we take extra steps to collect campaign data. After each campaign we create reports and help analyze them so we can make each campaign better than the last.

Putting together an email campaign can seem like a simple task, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to make sure your audience stays engaged, happy, and converting. Our clients love the results we’ve brought them with our email marketing service, and we’d love to add you to our list of happy clients.