Influencer Collaboration

Working with Influencers is a great way to spread awareness about your brand in Jeddah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and MENA, with the added value of social proof. If you’re wondering how to work with influencers on Instagram, TikTok, or any other channel, we’ve got you covered. Influencer marketing can seem intimidating at first, but we have it down to a process here at Chess Tag. Brand collaboration can be a breeze with us on your side. 

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Influencer Collaborationfor Each Stage of Your Sales Funnel

Working with Infuencers can help each stage of your sales or marketing funnel

We talk about funnels a lot here, but that’s because they’re a great way to break down your marketing and sales cycle. By putting names and stages to a process, we can better target people in every stage and meet their needs. Let’s discuss how brand collaboration with influencers can fit into each stage.

The awareness stage is all about making your audience realize their problem and positioning your brand as the answer. By placing your product in an influencer’s Insta post, for example, it’s acknowledging that  others have the problem, and your ability to fix it. Luxury products like watches or bags can easily fit into a lifestyle photo without seeming too sales-y.

Nurturing your audience can be a little trickier, and you’ll want to be especially picky in choosing your platform and influencer. Since you’re beyond awareness, you need to target people who have questions or doubts about your brand. Micro-influencers are especially helpful in this regard because they have highly engaged audiences around a niche, even if their follower numbers aren’t as high. A smaller travel blogger may be the perfect spokesperson for your 1-night-stay in the Andes Mountains.

The purchase stage is often a little easier with influencers. Passing out coupon codes or advertising a flash sale gives your audience the motivation to take action. An influencer making their morning coffee with your fresh coffee beans could bring lots of sales to your site.

How influencer Marketing Worksat Chess Tag

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"
We use strategies and processes to make your influencer marketing campaign successful

State Your Objective

We start with an objective for every campaign we work on, and influencer marketing is no different. Are you looking for more website visits? Product sales? Leads to hand off to your sales team?

Define Your Audience

Campaigns always start out with defining your audience too. What is their age range and what do they do in their free time? Who do they look up to? Where do they hang out online?

Find the Influencers You Want to Collaborate With

Since we’ve defined your audience, we know exactly where to look for influencers. We start with a platform and can narrow it down with a combination of hashtags, our agency tools, and knowledge about the influencer industry. We can choose an expensive influencer with millions of followers, or get way more targeted with a micro-influencer who can really speak to your niche.

Pitch Your Message

We approach the influencer with your message and objective. Sending samples or discussing how your brand fits in with their audience’s life can jump-start the relationship

Create a Campaign Mechanism

What message will tie the influencer and their audience together? If your objective is online purchases, we’ll want to provide a link. If brand awareness is your objective, we can look for a way to tie your product into their life. Organizations wanting to promote a gala could work with the influencer to show her shopping for her dress. We get creative and solicit ideas from the influencer. This is their job and they’re usually good at collaborating on ways to get their audience excited and involved.

Another way to work with influencers is to simply have them amplify your message. If they’re not crafting content for you, you can be sure that your message will be exactly what you want it to be. On the other hand, it may not come across as authentic as if the influencer produces it themself.

Oftentimes, influencer campaigns here at Chess Tag start with us creating a normal campaign with design, content writing, and social media management, then having the influencers blast that carefully-crafted message to their audience.

Solidify the Contract

We lay out your terms and review the influencer’s contract. You can get creative with payment and offer them a % on referral sales, or pay upfront for posts that are awareness-oriented.


Watch the glorious engagement take off. We monitor the post comments so we can answer any questions about your brand.


As with any campaign, we run the numbers afterward. We calculate your ROI, measure engagement, or count referral sales, depending on your objective. Having data allows us to make your next influencer campaign even better!

It’s a lot of work putting together an influencer campaign, but we’ve done brand collaboration for clients large and small. Our experience can make the difference between an inauthentic message with the wrong influencer and an amazing campaign with an influencer as a perfect bridge between the masses and your brand.

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"

Influencer CollaborationIdeas and Examples

Get ideas and examples for your next influencer marketing campaign

Here are Some Examples of Influencer Collaboration at Chess Tag

Awards were received for the social media campaign we managed

Najm- Blood Donation Campaign

We started to communicate with influencers, they were happy and very eager to participate with us on the campaign to the point some have reached out to us and were excited to come on board.

Digital Ads and Influencer Collaboration with GEA

GEA- Winter Campaign

Brief The General Entertainment Authority planned to launch a campaign for the mid-year school holidays under the theme “Don’t think of traveling,” . The events

We created a social media contest to help Godiva celebrate National Day.

Godiva: National Day Campaign

Task: Godiva enlisted Chess Tag to plan and implement a campaign celebrating National Day in the UAE store. Process: To maximize engagement and create fun

The GEA case study highlights how we used influencers to help spread awareness of National Day

GEA: National Day Campaign

Brief The General Entertainment Authority planned plenty of events in every region in the kingdom for the National Day, but before launching they had to

We invite you to take action and see how an influencer collaboration can be an amazing way to spread the word about your brand or organization. Let’s start a conversation so we can address any hesitations or worries you have. We’ve dealt with all kinds of scenarios, and we can put together a plan to meet all your needs. Lots of brands are already succeeding with influencer marketing. Are you ready to take the plunge?