Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing has amazing capabilities, but when combined with traditional ads or offline advertising mediums, it can have an even bigger impact. Whether your business is in larger cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, Makkah, Medina, Dammam, Jubail, or a smaller town in between, we can find a way to reach your audience.

Understanding your business’s marketing funnel allows you to create a marketing strategy that helps leads along each stage of the funnel. The lead first needs to become aware of your business or their problem. Then you need to educate them on how you can help alleviate their pain points. For longer sales pipelines, you must nurture the prospect, giving them information on why they should trust you. After their purchase you want to provide great customer service- happy customers are your best marketing tool!

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Integrated Campaignsfor Awareness

Use integrated marketing campaigns to capture audience awareness

The more touch points your audience has with your brand and your campaign message, the better. Imagine an airline traveler who passes by your ad in the airport. He may notice your brand name out of the corner of his eye. Since it applies to his industry, he makes a mental note to look you up later. In the taxi to his meeting, he pulls out his phone to browse Facebook. He notices an ad for your business in his feed and clicks to learn more.

Would this business man have remembered to look you up later? Probably not. But you were one step ahead. You removed the friction between what he intended to do (eventually, if ever) and what you wanted him to do.

How does Chess Tag help you execute this plan? First, we ensure that your branding and messaging is consistent across channels. You have to be recognizable no matter where your audience finds you. Second, we create memorable and eye-catching airport ads that serve a purpose individually, but serve as the foundation for our integrated campaign. Next, we create digital ads that are served to people who match your qualifications (like industry) and based on geo-locators. Our businessman friend saw the Facebook ad precisely because he walked by your airport ad.

Reaching your audience twice or more in one day can provide exponential results when it comes to brand awareness. We create the touchpoints and targeting to make it happen.

One example of how we succeeded in integrated marketing for a client is our #ChangeOil campaign for Mobil1. By integrating traditional media during a game, and social media for interaction, the results were more than the single marketing efforts would have been alone.

Integrated Marketingfor Educating and Nurturing Your Audience

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"

If you have a luxury or big-ticket product that doesn’t sell itself in a day, you’ll want to focus on the education or lead-nurturing phase of your funnel as well. The good news is that integrated campaigns can help with this too!

Perhaps your company sets up a booth at an industry trade show every year. In the past, you’ve collected leads for your salesman, but what if the lead isn’t ready to buy? You’re leaving money on the table by not staying top of mind for when the company is ready to purchase.

By setting up a drip email marketing campaign, you can stay in their inbox. By targeting prospects on social media or with display ads, you’re everywhere they are online. There’s no way they will forget you. The best part? Your salesmen didn’t have to pick up the phone and interrupt their day. Inbound marketing is all about your customers coming to you!

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"

Integrated Marketingfor the Purchase Stage

Let’s dive in to a retail example. You own a boutique selling women’s clothing in the mall. With no integrated marketing campaigns in place, a woman walks in, finds (or doesn’t find) what she’s looking for. Maybe she plans on buying another day. Maybe her friend calls to meet for lunch and she leaves without buying what she wants. That would be the end until she is in the mall and decides to visit again.

Integrated marketing allows you to help her continue her shopping experience after she has left. You’re probably asking how you could possibly be in touch later? It all starts with data collection and messaging. Some options are:

If you’re using integrated marketing, after she leaves, she’ll have more opportunities to purchase from you. And since she walked into the store in the first place, you know that she’s interested in your product- you’re not advertising blindly!

Setting a geofence allows you to target her with social media or display ads later. If you have collected an email address or phone number, you can contact her with a new product in a few weeks. Maybe she decides to follow you on Twitter and then can see that you’re running a holiday sale in 6 months.

Integrated marketing is all about giving your customers the opportunity to do what they want by removing all barriers.

Integrated Marketingfor Post Purchase

The Chess Tag knight logo represents the company's dedication to winning the digital marketing "game"
Post Purchase Sales Stage can also benefit from integrated marketing

Any savvy business person knows that the best customers are repeat customers? Why?

By putting automated integrated marketing in place, you can increase your trust, get more customers, and encourage repeat purchases from existing customers.

Post purchase integrated marketing can include:

At Chess Tag, we can help you put these campaigns in place so they’re happening while you sleep- leaving you more time for running your day-to-day business. Integrated marketing allows you to be there for your customers 24/7, leading to more sales and increased customer service.