The Benefits of a Customer Email List

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We always see that there are trending ads and despite the number of views and talk about them, the owner of the ad does not get any benefit from this ad.

The most important factor for the long-term success of your campaigns is that you know who your customer was at the time of the campaign and who interacted with it.

The real destination of all the words above the question of the responsible for marketing and advertising: Have you built a real customer base through campaigns?

Let us (dream of a fictional advertisement)

Somewhere a restaurant decided to make an advertising campaign and give customers a free cup of coffee and its branches became crowded became crowded and high sales were achieved! This is all great and exciting,


The crowd disappeared after the last day of the offer and the restaurant is not ready to lose a second amount of coffee to attract customers because the cost is high.

Let’s go back to our idea and build a new campaign similar to the restaurant, but with a digital marketing touch:

If the customer wants to get free coffee, he must enter a simple and specific link and enter his data in four to five spaces (name, mobile number, e-mail, restaurant branch, any other question) and then get the free coffee voucher or use a QR Code instead.

If the offer ends and traffic disappears, you can identify the customers of a particular branch and send them a hidden offer and target them to increase sales of that branch.

You can communicate with all customers with all your new products and keep them informed and even ask them to participate in your questionnaires to know the direction of customers and their opinion about you for a fee may not exceed 50 USD.

Here is where show your marketing strength in raising sales and reducing costs (the first goal of any marketing manager) and prove that you didn’t lose anything with the free coffee campaign.. On the contrary, you earned a valuable treasure: real customers and accurate and specific date.

Quick Tips:

Do not use Haraj and buy data because the benefit for you can claim won’t exceed 0.03%.. But build your data using your marketing campaigns because it depends on people who had a real customer experience with you, know your business and recorded their data at you voluntarily.

Keep your customer data saved via CRM applications for easy access or transfer to email sending engines.

If the registered customer email is personal the proportion of interaction is greater, so if you use engines to send emails be sure to activate the transmission feature on the name.