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FMCG Instagram Stories Highlights Teardown: Bateel Gourmet

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As a FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) brand on Instagram, you have lots of opportunities to showcase your brand and align it with your audience’s lifestyle. Food and beverage brands are in an even better position because people love pampering themselves with a nice meal out, take-home dish, and packaged treats. 

There are a lot of FMCG brands taking advantage of Instagram marketing. If your food, beverage, or consumer product brand needs a little social media help, keep reading. We’ll show you a brand that’s doing FMCG digital marketing on Instagram right!

Brand Spotlight: @BateelGoumet

Bateel is doing an amazing job on their Instagram account. Their photos show both their packaged products in an enticing way, and display their prepared dishes beautifully. They’re also taking advantage of many different aspects of brand positioning on Instagram, which is proven by their over 48k followers. Let’s see what they have to offer their audience.

FMCG Instagram Feed Example

Instagram Bio

Their bio gives you everything you need to know to take action. They mention their delivery option, providing their audience with a phone number, and a link leading directly to online ordering, their website and location finder. They give many ways for a customer to get their product, in whatever way works best for them.

FMCG Brands convey their branding on their Instagram bio

Stories Highlights

Bateel has taken full advantage of the Stories Highlights feature on Instagram. They have a nice variety of topics to choose from, and the icons are consistent across all stories highlight covers. It’s a professional and well-put-together look that matches their brand identity.

The Events highlighted story is kept up to date with store openings and in-store events that their fans can participate in. Movement in videos helps keep the audience’s attention.

Your Bateel highlights user generated content. It’s a great way to encourage happy customers to post their photos, with the chance of being included in the curated stories highlight. The hashtag #yourbateel is used so anyone can tag the brand for consideration. The result is beautiful, free, content, with the added benefit of social proof.

Specials showcase the new menu items and seasonal specialties. Beautiful food photography is included, and the stories shows the luxurious drinks available too.  Below, use of Boomerang-like videos catches the users eye while a model drizzles syrup on a dessert. You can’t help but think anything besides, “yum”! They also take advantage of the “Swipe Up” feature (available to Instagram accounts with over 10k followers and in Instagram ads) to show their menu.

They are sure to include information on ingredient sourcing and quality which solidifies their commitment to healthy food.

The Awards highlights aren’t as visually enticing, but they do serve an important purpose: to validate their brand and show it’s success. The amount of awards included is impressive and their recognition for their healthy eating options helps drive their message home.

The Gluten Free highlights serve to reassure guests that they offer options to suit their gluten-free lifestyle. Their menu offers a wide variety of gluten free choices, not just one or two menu items to check off the box. Seeing the behind the scenes and showing chefs creating the delicious meals adds authenticity and reinforces the idea that every meal is hand-crafted.

The Dates highlights are a wonderful tour through their date products. It starts with drone footage of their date palm farm, shows a video of a date being prepared, then shows beautiful photos of the types of dates available- each with a short description. For those in their audience who are looking to try a new date type, it’s a great way to see each one’s flavor profile. For those who know what they like, it’s easy to find your favorite on the list and order a package. This section ends with their often-used hashtag #discoverthedifference.

Our Story highlights give their audience a wonderful sense of what their brand is all about. “Rooted in Arabian culture and hospitality since 1936, Bateel enjoys an unparalleled legacy as the world’s only gourmet date grower, producer, and seller.” If that’s not a great statement, I don’t know what is! In the first story alone, Bateel establishes itself as an industry leader.

The stories go on to showcase their location, beautiful farms, history, and sheer volume of production. By the end, it’s hard to imagine eating dates from anywhere else. This highlight also features the “Swipe Up” feature so users can read more about what makes their product so legendary.

Luxury Cocoa highlights spotlight their delicious chocolate confections. Product photos and videos make your mouth water as you scroll through the options. They also mention the sourcing of their chocolate so you know exactly where it comes from. Videos of the candy’s production entice viewers even further until it ends with a treat being cut open. It makes you want to get your hands on a box right now.


In conclusion, you can see Bateel put a lot of time and effort into making their Instagram profile an information hub and connect with their users- without the need to leave and visit their website. After looking through their stories highlights, anyone would have a pretty good idea of what they offer and what they stand for. That’s exactly what every FMCG brand should be doing on Instagram.

You need to take advantage of every available feature, and packing your own stories highlights full of beautiful photos, videos, and well-written content. It all needs to flow, have a look consistent with your branding, and entice your customer to buy.

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