DIgital marketing agencies can be a huge relief for FMCG brands

Working with an agency for your FMCG marketing solves 11 issues

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FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) companies have a lot of choices to make as they grow. How to handle digital marketing is just one. As an agency in Saudi Arabia that specializes in FMCG brands, we’re a little biased. But that’s because we have seen our clients shift from an in-house marketing model to using an agency and the relief that comes with that. Once in-house marketing is off their plate, they’re free to focus on their product, managing production, and more.

There are many benefits for FMCG companies to work with a marketing agency instead of hiring in-house. This infographic lists them.
This infographic contains the basics. Keep scrolling to read about each benefit.

Specialization comes naturally

Hiring an agency for FMCG digital marketing means you get the best people on your team. It’s usually unaffordable to hire 10 people in-house that are each skilled in exactly what you need- like videography, graphic design, SEO, content writing, data and analytics, and web development. When you partner with an agency to market your brand, you’re getting access to these same professionals who are experts on the job- without 10 paychecks.

This means you won’t be using your IT guy to write social media posts either.

What about using freelancers for your marketing tasks?

It can be tempting to hire lots of overseas freelancers to complete your FMCG marketing work. Here’s an argument not to. When you hire several different people to do specific tasks, the management of these people can get overwhelming quickly. They need brand guidance, account logins to all of your tools, social media, and CMS (what a security nightmare!), and expect to make lots of edits and changes due to communication issues. 

Also, freelancers don’t have any “skin in the game” meaning if they fail for you, they’ll just apply for another cheap job on UpWork for the next unsuspecting client. Agencies have reputations to protect. Their need for continued success to stay in business means that they’ll go out of their way to make you happy.

The infographic below is one of my favorites. It speaks for itself.

You have 3 options with working with an FMCG marketing agency, but you can only pick two. Fast, cheap, and good.

Agencies offer simplification

Working with an agency means you’ll have one point of contact and one monthly bill. No matter how good your team is, the weakest link is often communication. We’re built for awesome communication- it’s what has brought us marketing success over and over again. 

The peripheral costs of hiring an in-house marketing team

In-house employees also have their own costs- like health insurance, hardware and office space, sick-leave, and coffee or snacks. They are also not productive 100% of the time. When you hire an agency, you’re paying on a project basis, or via billed hours which means you’re only paying when the job is getting done.

Onboarding new employees takes time

The risk of hiring in-house is also much higher than hiring an agency. A reputable digital marketing agency (like Chess Tag) will have past success stories that speak to their expertise. When you hire an employee, the cost of hiring and onboarding that person is high. You also have to train them in any missing skills to get the job done.

Keeping your marketing employees educated

Continuing education should be a part of any marketing professional’s job. Google continuously updates their algorithm and platforms like Facebook and Instagram roll out changes every few months. If you’re not aware of the changes and how to work within the new guidelines, you’ll lose out to competitors who do. Expect for your in-house marketing to spend a few hours each week brushing up on what’s new. Agencies have education and skilling up as part of their workflow, so you won’t be paying for that time.

Knowledge of emerging digital trends

Design trends are constantly evolving as well. Our designers stay updated in the latest and greatest trends so your company’s image stays on-point. Since each person at an agency specializes, you can be sure each specialist knows what’s new in their marketing niche.

Marketing tools can get expensive

Agencies have a number of tools they subscribe to in order to do the best work for their clients. From social media management and Adobe products, to keyword research and email marketing, each task has a paid tool that helps us get the job done much more efficiently. If you’re marketing in-house these can all add up to a significant cost. Agencies are able to use these tools for all their clients, so the pass-through expense to you is much lower.

You’ll get an unbiased marketing perspective

Many times the office politics and personal opinions of CEOs and managers can get in the way of a successful marketing effort. Agencies can take your ideas and give you an outsider’s perspective. Agencies like us have run hundreds of campaigns, so we have the data and experience to tell you if your plan could be a little better or things to tweak. We’re all about running with you plans and making them a reality. We can also start from scratch and recommend the exact strategy you need. It never hurts to have experience on your side.

Are we advocating for removing all marketing positions in a company when you hire an agency? Nope. In fact, we suggest that you have a marketing professional as a point-person within your company. We’re happy to explain our process and the data to the CEO. But we’ve seen amazing success in communication when our clients have a marketing pro that knows both your business and marketing basics. They can easily be a bridge between the company’s management and the agency so each party can work together without a hitch.

You can always scale up with an agency

If you want to double your ad budget, create a new campaign, or extend your social media presence to do FMCG promotion, it’s possible to do quickly and efficiently with an agency. Running new initiatives in-house comes with the added stress of finding the existing resources within your company or doing home hiring. Agencies are built to easily scale so you can double or triple your efforts in no time.

Agencies have established media relationships

From display and television advertising to influencers, agencies have already built relationships with a wide variety of media outlets. That means when you’re ready to start a campaign, you won’t be starting from scratch. Agencies may also have cheaper digital ad pricing since they may purchase placements in bulk or have special agreements. This saves you money in the short and long term.

Of course we’re partial to agencies, we are one! But the truth is that we’ve worked with so many clients who have switched from in-house digital marketing. We have heard the feedback firsthand about how much easier and more affordable it is to work with us than try to manage everything within the company.

If you’re considering switching to an agency or want to start off on the right foot from the beginning, give us a call. We’ll earn your trust and show you how we can be your partner in marketing your FMCG brand.

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