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40 Inspiring Instagram Post Ideas for Healthcare Brands

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Finding Instagram content for your healthcare brand can seem like a challenge at first. But posting about your healthcare brand on Instagram doesn’t have to be boring stock photos with rules and regulations. The healthcare brands in this list are killing it on Instagram. They obviously have a social media strategy in place, keeping their feeds consistent and their posts engaging. They cover a wide range of topics too. Take a look at these 40 examples of healthcare Instagram content that will give you inspiration for posting your own.

Employee Focus

Posting about your employees on Instagram has several benefits. First, your customers love to see the dedicated people behind the big brands. It gives your brand authenticity and builds trust. Secondly, healthcare workers who may be looking for employment can see how you treat your employees and will notice the little ways you value them.

1. Superhero employees

Surely you have employees who have shown their dedication or bravery in their line of work. Tell their story, and be sure to tag them to increase the post’s visibility. If there are no photos of the event to post on Instagram, grabbing a photo of them in action later works just fine.

2. Employee stories

 How has your company supported an employee through a particularly tough time? Besides HR’s response, how did other employees come together to support the person too? Job hunters love seeing a tight-knit group of potential coworkers who genuinely care about each other. 

3. Healthy perks

What steps do you take to deliver your employees an extraordinarily healthy experience with your company? Pictured below, Cerner provides fresh fruits and veggies for their staff to take home. 

4. Employee Perspectives

Interviews with employees show their authenticity and how your company has helped them thrive. It allows others to see themselves as your employees, and appreciate how you value your staff.

5. Employee activities

What do your employees do together as a team? From local charity runs to birthday parties, show how your employees stick together.

6. Sectors you routinely hire from

Do veterans possess special skills that work really well within your company? Are former nurses welcome in your management? Make it known on Instagram and social media. You may find your next employee among your audience.

7. Employee interviews about your brand

Your staff knows a lot about your company. Shine a light on their experience and perspective with an interview. Their words can resonate with your audience better than other content because people are more trusted than brands.

8. Community service completed by your employees

If your staff works together in the community, make sure someone captures it on camera for Instagram. It boosts staff morale to be featured and shows how they’re involved in the community around them.

9. Inspirational quotes from your employees

Forget the boring quotes with a sunset behind them. Go for the gold with an inspirational quote from an employee. Whether it’s on-the-job insights, or something extraordinary from an event or training session, focus on what your employees have to say.


For many healthcare companies, being involved in their communities (and the world) is an amazing way to give back. Don’t forget to showcase your efforts on Instagram. The public needs to see the good you’re providing to the place you live.

10. Drug take-back programs

Getting expired and unused prescription drugs out of bathroom cabinets is a proven way to reduce misuse. If your company participates in such a take-back program, let your audience know beforehand so they can be involved. Don’t forget to show the results afterward too.

11. Famous local characters interacting with your brand

Being involved in the community doesn’t have to be all charity or giving back. Having fun with local celebrities or characters cements your spot as a cornerstone of the community.

12. Company donations

Surely you’re donating money, supplies, or volunteer time to your community. Be sure to tell your Instagram audience what you’re doing, why you do it, and the lives you make a difference in. Give them ways to help as well.

13. Local, state-wide, and national programs 

Many government and non-profit organizations have programs that can assist insurance members in getting care and help with medical obstacles. By making these connections you’re helping your members find care, and amplifying the voice of these institutions. Everybody wins.

14. Training you provide to the community

If you use your power to increase knowledge or skills in your community, this is a great topic to post about as well. Don’t forget to use your hashtag!

15. Salute to nurses and healthcare personnel

The personnel on our front lines deserve recognition. Allow your members to tell an inspiring story about a nurse who helped them, or get a story directly from a doctor. Showcase your involvement in the entire healthcare community.

16. Video interviews

Hire a videographer for your next event and get the stories of the people you’re helping. You can also interview volunteers.

17. Recipients of your charity programs

Your community involvement efforts are making a big difference in people’s lives. It’s your job to document it! Ask for user generated content and post photos of the people you help.

Public Wellness Tips

Wellness is an awesome topic for healthcare companies on Instagram because it’s all about being proactive. It’s better for people, companies, and society at large if everyone is healthier. Provide little tips, lifestyle changes, and everything in between. Motivate your audience to make one small change a month.

18. Mental health tips

Show how people can take care of their own mental health on a day-to-day basis. People need reminding that little changes can make a big difference in the way they feel every day.

19. Member quotes

What inspires your members or makes them want to stay healthy? Sometimes a reminder that we’re staying healthy not only for ourselves, but for others can give us the push we need to make better choices.

20. Member challenges

Start a 30-day challenge or contest for your members. Sometimes people need social motivation or a goal to make healthy changes in their lives.

21. Encouragement to attend community events

Being social can help people’s mental health tremendously. Even attending community events can bolster mood and help people make personal connections that brighten their day.

22. Ways members are being proactive about their health

What are some steps your members have taken to improve their own health? From diet and exercise to meditation and positivity, small suggestions can make a great post on Instagram.

23. Links to your website articles

If you’ve got a solid content marketing strategy or regularly publish resources for your members, promote them on Instagram through a link in your bio. Don’t forget an eye-catching image to grab people’s attention.

24. Healthy recipes

People are always looking for healthy recipes they can incorporate into their dinner time routine. You could post the full recipe, link to your website, or just give tips on how to use a certain healthy ingredient.

Services You Provide and Benefits Members Have

You probably have a long list of benefis you provide to your customers, whether they fit in with their plan or are a value-added service. Instagram is the perfect place to let your customers know about these perks.

25. Links to your app

If you’ve invested in an app to take care of your members, you’ll want to mention it often. Highlight the features, benefits, and ease of use. A pretty image doesn’t hurt either.

26. Show how easily accessible your services are

If a doctor or customer-service rep is only a phone call or chatbox away, remind your customers. Sometimes it takes a few reminders for people to remember how to best contact you. Create a post about it, then link to it!

27. Ways your members can stay involved

If there’s a stop in your services due to extraordinary events, show your audience how they can still connect. During turbulent times like Coronavirus isolation, this health company is offering video workouts. They’re adapting to the circumstances and using Instagram as a way to keep their customers informed.

Company Information

There’s probably a lot about your company that the general public doesn’t know. Sharing fun facts and human interest stories gives your audience something to remember.

28. Trivia about your brand

How did your brand get started? What did your founders have in mind? How has it adapted to market needs and evolved to better serve its customers?

29. Awards your company has received

If you’ve been recognized in your industry for great work, don’t be shy! Awards are worth bragging about because they show that your hard work for your customers has paid off.

30. Repost your CEO

If your CEO has his or her own social media accounts, feel free to repost their content. Whether they talk about charity work or internal issues, your customers can glimpse into the inner workings of your company.

31. Antiques related to your brand

If your brand has been around for generations, there are probably some fun graphics, ads, or packaging that could be shared on Instagram. It’s fun to see how a company used to brand itself.

32. How you’re preparing for emergencies

Give your audience confidence in your disaster preparedness. Show the steps you’re taking and the plans you have in place to weather the storm.

Holiday Celebrations

Holiday posts are a staple on social media. Everybody has their own celebration traditions, so show yours off! Besides national and religious holidays, the internet has its own list of holidays. From National Donut Day to National Take Your Child to Work Day, there’s always something to post about. Here are some examples of healthcare brands that used holidays as a jumping off point for their Instagram content.

33. Women’s History Month

McKesson celebrates Women’s History Month with a quote from a female employee. This quote also highlights the employee’s satisfaction with the company.

34. Winter holiday well-wishes

Not all posts have to be directly related to your company. Sometimes a simple holiday message with a cute design is all that’s needed.

35. World Cancer Day

This one is a day directly related to the healthcare industry, so it’s important not to forget it. Besides giving a voice to one of their employees, the post requests that customers send in their own stories. What a great way to get engagement and good will.

36. World Mental Health Day

Here’s another day directly related to healthcare. Besides the obvious win of posting puppies, Cerner shares a fact about how dogs can help one’s mental health.

Healthcare news

Healthcare is a heavily regulated industry with governments and organizations updating rules, and regulations on a regular basis. Keep your audience informed on the changes that matter to them. You’re a trusted source for healthcare knowledge. Use it to everyone’s benefit!

37. Government regulations

When the government hands down new rules to follow, it can be difficult for the general public to translate into layman’s terms. This is your opportunity. Let your customers know how new rules affect them and how it will change their lives.

38. Resources

Be sure to share any resources that can help your audience make decisions or stay informed. It could be your own original content on your website, or links to 3rd party sites. Just make sure it’s trustworthy.

Research & Development

R&D is the future of healthcare. Your customers will be interested in knowing about new technology and research that could have an impact on the care they receive in the future.

39. Technology being developed

What’s the latest and best new technology being developed? How will it make your customers’ healthcare experience better?


40. Healthcare worker training

For a company that provides industry training, sharing it on social media can have a big impact. It could recruit new attendees for next year and raise awareness about the event. Posting about your industry involvement also shows your company is committed to its members.


As you can see, there are lots of different topics to post about on Instagram for healthcare companies. If you don’t have a strategy in place or a team to manage your Instagram account, let’s chat. At Chess Tag, we can provide end-to-end social media support for your healthcare company- we’ve been doing it for years!

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