What influencers should you follow on social media?

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If you don’t know how important social media is these days, you’ve probably been living in a cave. One of the most interesting parts of having an account is following people who post about the topics you care about. It’s easy to connect with people online and become a loyal follower of someone who delivers great information, entertains you, or speaks the truth.

Who do you follow on social media?

Everybody has their own interests, behaviors, hobbies, and causes they care about. You follow people who share your passion. If you like food, there are lots of food bloggers that will fill your feed with gorgeous photos. If you’re the type who likes sports, you probably follow your favorite football team to get behind the scenes stories.

The most followed topics

Most social media users are young people. They have varied interests and follow influencers in many different categories. There is one trait that these influencers have in common- they’re good at entertaining.

Interesting snapchat accounts to follow:

  • Ibrahim Basha: A Young Saudi social media personality who is very funny and cover daily news, specially local and social ones in a funny way.
  • Faris Alturki: Owner of the very famous “Faris’s Breakfast” Restaurant, that is a hashtag that turned into a restaurant. He talks about multiple business topics, the economy and travels the world with interesting coverages
  • Sheilk Majed Al-Sabah: A Young Kuwaiti Business Man & Royalty, who is one of top influencers in the social media space. His Snap Chat account is rich of information, facts, and amazing trips around the world with a luxury and social twist
  • Hisham Alhowaish: Winner of the 2nd season of Star Academy on LBC, a TV personality, an actor and strong social media personality. Very carismatic character who shows his daily life in addition to trips around the world