The First Step in Entering the World of Social Media

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What is the first step to be taken for your products or services to enter into the world of social media? If your answer is to create different accounts on Facebook and Twitter, be absolutely sure that you are completely wrong.

Entering the world of social networking and staying connected with the world and with customers is very important. The desired result is the increased demand for your services and higher sales of your products, isn’t it? Maybe, but it’s not that simple! It requires a lot of thought, time, planning, and resources to make sure that your company is ready to enter into the world of social media and meet goals. But before then, you need to make sure that you are ready to handle it.

The steps needed in creating a social media plan for your company are the following:

  • Identify Objectives : There are numerous objectives that can be accomplished by entering into the world of social media which include: creating brand awareness, finding a way to serve customers, or just building relationships with your potential customers. It may be more than one target at the same time.
  • Activity : This is where you determine how you want to market your product or how you want to formulate your social media plan in terms of posts and interaction. Your goal might be to increase sales by creating a website and post about it twice a week via your Facebook page. Your goal will simply not cut it. Why you wonder? Read on and you’ll learn more about your second objective- Target Audience.
  • Target Audience : Activity is important but activity alone will not guarantee results. In marketing, the target audience is who’s spreading your message. And it’s not like that motivational quote; “shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”  It just doesn’t work that way with business. If you shoot blindly, you’ll land in the vast darkness of nowhere.

Determine where your audience is at, in other words, the geographic, demographic and psychographic. You go about that by looking at potential clients, existing clients, influencers and most importantly, your employees.

  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) : Now, determine what your goals are in terms of numbers or metrics.  How many followers do you want in a specific time period?  How many Facebook shares do you want? For example, reaching 100,000 followers on Facebook in a year by implementing our Facebook marketing plan. Or increase organic reach by 30% at the end of Q3 by implementing our Twitter content plan


  • Content Marketing Plan: The above steps are main steps in creating a content marketing plan, but will need to determine and decide on your marketing calendar, content format, tone, persona and ideas.


The above steps are highly important, but we will need to dig deeper in the last step. In the next blog post we’ll discuss the next step: Planning for content.